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Your kitchen is a treasure trove of valuable resources. From prep waste and leftovers to bones, cores and peelings, organic waste is a source of energy that is much too valuable to simply throw away! MEIKO GREEN has the solutions you need to unlock its potential. You could benefit from lower costs, improved hygiene and leaner processes – plus a valuable source of clean energy. Our mission is to create custom food waste management systems that genuinely cater to your needs. Reliable and versatile, our solutions can be tailored to just about any kind of kitchen.

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Right from the start, we were determined to find hygienic and sustainable solutions for managing organic kitchen waste and leftovers. We have always been idealists and engineers in equal measure. So why not join us in saying goodbye to  food waste bins? Because it's time to embrace a food waste management system that is fit for the future!

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For me, the perfect kitchen is easy to manage, user-friendly and completely intuitive. It's all about having simple, reliable appliances that allow everyone to focus on what really matters. When it comes to waste, that means lifting the lid, chucking it in, and pressing start!

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Martin Töpfer, head chef at Hotel Scandic in Frankfurt, Germany

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