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Vacuum systems

Automated food waste management with maximum flexibility

Commercial kitchens face all sorts of challenges when it comes to managing food waste. Finding the best way to deal with huge quantities of prep waste, leftovers and other scraps is no easy task, especially when it comes to transporting waste from one area of the building to another. That's why our WasteStar FC vacuum system is such a great solution. With its modular design, high-quality processing and top-notch ergonomics, it's the most reliable way to get the job done.


Freestanding infeed station


Infeed station attached to fully automatic machine


Infeed station integrated above dishwasher feeding section


Infeed station attached to rack sorting station


Infeed station at front of dishwasher feeding section

Suction tank

A vacuum is generated in the suction tank. The food waste is shredded on its way to the storage tank.

Storage tank

The shredded, homogenised waste is stored in the tank without requiring any additional refrigeration.

Extraction pipe

External control panels allow the storage tank to be emptied into a tanker automatically via the extraction pipe.


The biomass in the storage tank is periodically pumped into tankers and sent to a biogas plant to generate sustainable energy.

Grease trap

The MEIKO GREEN 'GreaseSeparator connect' system removes fats, oils and grease from wastewater. The grease trap is connected directly to the food waste treatment system. 

Vacuum pump

The vacuum pump generates the vacuum required to suck the waste through the piping system.

We can develop a bespoke system that takes into account your individual workflows. To boost efficiency, infeed stations need to be located where the organic waste is generated. The disposal points can be integrated in food preparation areas, next to sorting belts, or directly within your warewashing system. A vacuum system is then used to suck the waste through the stainless steel pipes and into the storage tank. Everything can be tailored to your needs – from the exact type of infeed station to the strength of the vacuum and the sequence and timing of the suction process. So, instead of dirty buckets, process water, expensive cold storage and unpleasant odours, you benefit from outstanding hygiene, superior technology and maximum flexibility! And we can even incorporate a grease trap to make your system complete.

Fully automatic

MEIKO GREEN makes life easier. Perfectly tailored to how your kitchen runs and the space you have available, it lets you dispose of your food waste at source. Everything else is handled by the piping and storage system.


Everyone's premises and processes are different, so we tailor our vacuum systems to meet your needs. From neatly routed piping in new buildings to smart underfloor or ceiling-mounted solutions in renovation projects, you can trust us to find the best solution!


Numerous patents testify to the clever innovations and technological advances of our vacuum waste systems. The entire system works without requiring any process water – and it can be seamlessly integrated in any kitchen environment.