The green solution
MEIKO GREEN: The sustainable solution to food waste

Who we are

It's time to think GREEN! We're paving the way to a cleaner future with our superior technology, positive mindset and outstanding commitment. Doing nothing is no longer an option!

How it all started

MEIKO takes a pioneering role in food waste management

MEIKO has always believed in thinking outside the box. Even back in the 1970s and 1980s, we knew that kitchen waste was a valuable resource that could help boost sustainability. Alongside our warewashing and disinfection solutions, our engineers also develop superior technology for shredding, compressing and collecting food waste and production waste. Our efficient and hygienic systems can handle a wide array of waste, including bones and crustacean and mollusc shells.

WasteStar FC launched

Onwards and upwards! In 2004, MEIKO reinforced its reputation for innovation with the launch of a new food waste treatment system that offered a whole new level of flexibility. Based on vacuum technology, the "WasteStar FC" offers a reliable, hygienic and fully automated solution for processing organic waste and leftovers in commercial kitchens. 

The origins of MEIKO GREEN

In 2018, MEIKO signed a deal with BioTrans to work together on new innovations. BioTrans – a Swiss firm specialising in the collection, recycling, storage and disposal of organic waste – pooled its expertise with the MEIKO Group to create MEIKO GREEN Waste Solutions. The launch of the BioMaster® series gave customers greater flexibility than ever before. Outstanding food waste management was now a realistic option for commercial kitchens serving fewer than 1,000 meals a day. And the goal of protecting valuable resources was now one step closer.

Over 1,000 successful projects worldwide

Awareness of sustainability issues has been increasing worldwide. By 2020, there was a growing consensus that kitchen waste is an incredibly valuable resource.  From alpine huts to cruise ships, and from Abu Dhabi to Zhongshan, the time had come to recognise its true worth. Over   1,000 MEIKO GREEN systems  were already up and running, doing their bit for a more sustainable future and achieving impressive savings for operators at the same time.

Focus on grease traps

MEIKO GREEN understands that any workable food waste solution needs to include all the fats, oils and organic waste produced by commercial kitchens. In 2021, we launched our GreaseSeparator product line, a new addition to our range of professional waste collection solutions that took a more hygienic approach to treating kitchen waste water. Everything could now be collected together and sent to a biogas plant for recycling.

Here to help

First impressions count – so our job is to make you feel comfortable right from the start. Talk to us to discover how you can get truly professional results – because your success is what drives us!

The MEIKO Group

As part of the MEIKO Group, MEIKO GREEN is strongly driven by its values. Ever since MEIKO's inception, quality, trust and fairness have been deeply embedded in its DNA.


Our vision is to make the world a cleaner place. And that's what we do every single day!

The source of cleanliness

Our company employs over 2,600 people who share a passion for premium technology. We harness their skills to maximise the hygiene and safety of kitchen processes in hospitals, hospitality venues, care facilities, and other organisations. "Made by MEIKO" is a hallmark of quality that is carried by each and every one of MEIKO GREEN's food waste management systems. Together with our global network of specialist planners, qualified dealers and service partners, we dedicate our time to making the world a cleaner and more hygienic place. Because we're determined to make our vision a reality.

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