The green solution

Storage tanks for vacuum systems

The perfect combination of at-source, decentralised waste collection and centralised storage

Collecting organic kitchen waste at its source is crucial – and so is finding the right way to store it. We can provide a range of sealed tanks to ensure hygienic waste storage. Our systems store your kitchen waste well away from hygiene-sensitive prep areas. So you can say goodbye to smelly waste bins and the crippling costs of cold storage!  

I'm so impressed by how easy it is for our staff to use! And it's great to have an eco-friendly solution that converts waste into energy in a biogas plant.

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Stephan Bruns
Düsseldorf Student Services

Key benefits

No nasty smells

MEIKO GREEN storage tank solutions are incredibly versatile, but they all have one thing in common: they store food waste hygienically without requiring refrigeration – and without any unpleasant odours.


All our storage tanks are designed to hold the greatest possible volume of waste, so they don't need to be emptied as frequently. That reduces your disposal costs and gives a boost to sustainability.


The biomass contains no impurities or contaminants – so it's ready to head to the biogas plant for processing! Biomass is a great way to generate heat and energy without using fossil fuels.