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Bespoke solutions

We provide specialist, bespoke solutions for different countries and statutory requirements, designed to cater to a wide range of specifications and kitchen sizes.

On land, in the air and at sea, there are huge difference in the requirements for dealing with wet waste and ensuring reliable hygiene. Professional food waste management is about finding the best solution for each situation – and making the right choice ultimately comes down to experience and expertise. At MEIKO GREEN, we have built up all the know-how we need to develop bespoke solutions for a wide range of applications, from the collection of used cooking oil right through to sophisticated waste recycling systems and cutting-edge technology for preventing food waste at source.

AZP offers efficient dewatering to reduce waste volume

Modern kitchens don't have enough space to leave bins and buckets standing around everywhere! But how else can you manage your food waste? An open system without a tank is a great option: AZP 80 tackles the tricky task of dealing with kitchen waste by grinding and compacting it into a simple biomass. The grinder unit is protected by a removable screen basket made of stainless steel that intercepts any metal items that fall in by mistake (e.g. cutlery) and prevents any other foreign objects from entering the system. So cleaning the machine is quicker and easier than ever! Whatever type of kitchen and workflows you use, the AZP can be tailored to match your needs. Where required, we can connect multiple grinding units to a single solids separator, even if the individual units are installed on different floors of the building.

Did you know that disposing of food waste can cost up to four euros a kilogram? And that the accumulated costs can add up to around five percent of total food purchasing costs? Yet some 1.3 billion tons of food end up in the bin each year – a staggering amount of uneaten food that produces a remarkable 3.3 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide. The good news is that there are simple, innovative solutions that can help us avoid or reduce waste. Digital systems and apps provide kitchen staff with useful facts and figures on the amount, type and origin of the waste they produce. Ultimately, this data can help reduce the amount of wasted food and minimise the associated costs. Give us a call to find out more. We'll be happy to help!