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Infeed stations

Bye bye bins – hello WasteStar FC!

The advantage of a modular vacuum system is that it can easily be adapted to your individual requirements. Food waste is collected at its point of origin, whether that's in the prep kitchen or on the sorting belt of a warewashing machine. This eliminates the need to carry waste bins from one place to another, and it automates the entire process while maximising hygiene and efficiency. If your kitchen extends over multiple areas and generates mixed waste, then this really is the ideal solution. So it's time to say goodbye to expensive cold storage facilities, bins and buckets, endless trips back and forth and unpleasant odours, because the WasteStar FC simply does it better!  

Whatever your requirements, and however your space is configured, we can come up with a flexible and tailor-made solution to help you integrate automated food waste disposal into your day-to-day operations. Make cross-contamination a thing of the past and start reaping the benefits of your very own personalised system of ergonomic food waste management.

Our system sucks the food waste down the waste chutes automatically or on demand, and it's designed to generate just enough vacuum at just the right time. That keeps our operating costs to a minimum and makes the whole process much more reliable.

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Stephan Bruns, Studierendenwerk Düsseldorf

Key benefits


The sequence applied to automatically suck waste into the pipes from the infeed stations can be tailored to match your kitchen's individual workflows. Custom configurations like these help make your processes more reliable and reduce your energy costs. 


Ergonomic solutions increase staff satisfaction and efficiency and reduce absenteeism. Infeed stations are placed in the best position to eliminate additional steps while minimising the need for workers to twist or turn their body. This can make a real difference over the long term.


WasteStar FC stands for 'Flexible Concept'. This modular, all-in-one system is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing kitchen environment – even if it includes multiple spaces or extends across several floors. That's why every system we make is unique.