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MEIKO GREEN: Our mission

Driven by the needs of our global customers, we develop future-proof systems for the sustainable management of food waste. Our mission is to help commercial kitchens and their suppliers move away from traditional waste bins and adopt a revolutionary new approach. By becoming a market leader in innovation and technology, we aim to make these processes clean and simple for everybody.

Poor practices leave bitter aftertaste

Bulky, unhygienic waste bins are a common sight in many of today's commercial kitchens. They often end up being dragged through "clean" areas while the kitchen is operating and stored in energy-guzzling cold rooms until they are collected. Our goal is to clean up the whole system by stripping away unnecessary costs, cumbersome workflows, and unhygienic, time-wasting processes.

Our custom-made systems eliminate all your kitchen's weak points in one go. We know space can be tight and workflows need to be maintained, so we tailor our systems to meet your needs. The result is a HACCP-compliant system for collecting, transporting, storing and disposing of all your waste at the touch of a button. No cross-contamination – plus the satisfaction of knowing it's good for the environment.

How it works

The MEIKO GREEN loop lies at the heart of what we do. Each and every one of our sophisticated systems is designed according to the principles of circular waste management, a loop that extends from infeed, storage and collection right through to the production of clean energy and organic fertiliser. We provide advice, on-site analyses and specialist planning at every stage of this cycle. All from a single source. The result is a professional, tailor-made waste management system that meets your individual requirements.

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