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Wastewater systems and grease traps

It's important to make sure your kitchen drainage systems meet all the relevant hygiene standards and legal requirements. Our grease traps keep you on the safe side!

In Germany, the use of grease traps, also known as grease separators, is required by law. Failure to install such devices causes fats, oils and grease to accumulate in the pipes, eventually leading to clogging and blockages. This can result in damage to piping systems, sewers and drains. MEIKO GREEN grease separators play an important role in professional kitchen drainage systems by trapping and removing fatty matter from commercial kitchen wastewater.

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  GreaseSeparator connect: a grease trap unit with great connections. GreaseSeparator collect: a freestanding hub for your wastewater needs.
Tested and approved under harmonised European standard (hEN) DIN EN 1825-1 : 2004
Tank made of polyethylene (PE)
Tank made from stainless steel grade AISI 316
Odour-free emptying
Fully automatic emptying
Mobile transmission of operating data
Integrated sludge trap
Remote emptying
Connection to MEIKO GREEN hygienic food waste collection systems
No monthly emptying grease and sludge removed as required
Integrated homogenisation technology

Our range of grease separator products comprises rigid, moulded containers made of plastic or stainless steel in both round and oval designs. Various configurations are available to ensure sustainable wastewater treatment and odour-free emptying, including the option of a fully automatic emptying system.

Wastewater systems

Treating kitchen wastewater in accordance with the relevant standards requires complex systems that contain multiple components. As a full-service provider, we offer everything from a single source: from planning, commissioning and installation to servicing and disposal. It's good to have a partner you can rely on!

Lift stations

A wastewater lift station must be installed behind the grease trap in cases where the grease trap is located below the backwater level. Once all the grease, fats and solids have been removed, the lift station pumps the wastewater to the required height. It also protects the grease separator against any backup of sewage in the drains.