The green solution

Storage tanks for pump systems

A valuable source of biofuel

Collecting organic kitchen waste at source is crucial – and so is finding the right way to store it. The biomass produced in the infeed stations is conveyed through a sealed piping system to the storage tank, where it is held ready for collection by a tanker. This system can also be directly linked to the kitchen's grease trap, so that everything can be emptied at the same time.

Our models

  PE storage tank in various sizes – the perfect entry-level option for hygienic storage Cylindrical PE tanks: the best fit for the available space Concrete underground tanks: a convenient option that frees up space by storing biomass underground.
Corrosion-resistant polyethylene material
Automatic tank level measurement
Stirrer can be integrated for time-controlled homogenisation
Direct connection to grease trap
Disposal company automatically notified of tank level
Automated cleaning of tank interior
Safe to install outdoors
Tank size and assembly can be adapted to space available on site
Also available in double or triple tank format

Is polyethylene the best choice? How about concrete or glass-fibre reinforced plastic? We find the right solution for you by considering factors such as the space you have available and the number of meals you serve. The result is a hygienic, odourless system at a safe distance from any sensitive food preparation areas. The biomass can be stored in the tank for up to six months without refrigeration. And you can breathe a sigh of relief that you no longer have to carry waste bins and containers through the building!

We used to fill six to eight bins with food waste every week. Nowadays our tank only needs to be emptied once every six to eight weeks! We don't need any cold storage and there are no unpleasant odours to put up with. It's all so much easier than before. We're using fewer resources and everything is much more hygienic.

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Key benefits

No nasty smells

MEIKO GREEN storage tank solutions are incredibly versatile, but they all have one thing in common: they store food waste hygienically without requiring refrigeration – and without any unpleasant odours.


All our storage tanks are designed to hold the greatest possible volume of waste, so they don't need to be emptied as frequently. That reduces your disposal costs and gives a boost to sustainability.


The biomass contains no impurities or contaminants – so it's ready to head to the biogas plant for processing! Biomass is a great way to generate heat and energy without using fossil fuels.