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Pump systems

MEIKO GREEN is all about premium technology and innovation. We're determined to deliver tangible added value to our customers by making our systems even better and continuing to develop sophisticated new solutions.

Accessories for infeed stations

Collection trolley

If you're fed up with carrying around heavy waste bins, we have the solution! Our height-adjustable collection trolley offers a clean solution for transporting scraps and food waste from the prep and dishwashing areas to the infeed station. Ergonomically designed, it's a hygienic way to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Waste chute attachment

Keep waste where you want it! We offer a selection of stainless steel attachments that can be mounted on top of your infeed station. They offer a hygienic way to ensure leftovers and scraps go straight into the chute. No mess or splashes end up on nearby tables or work surfaces, so there's less to clean up afterwards.

Hygiene station

Our convenient hygiene station is a fantastic all-in-one package! It offers a neat combination of BioMaster®-series infeed stations seamlessly incorporated into work tables equipped with one or more sinks and various storage options. Available with a double sink, an integrated pre-rinse spray unit, or hose reel assemblies, this is a superbly versatile option. 

Continuous feed option

With no lid to remove, the continuous feed option makes it easy to tip leftovers and food waste straight into the infeed station. This is the perfect choice to add to a bi-cord conveyor where leftovers have to be scraped straight off the plates. A fast, simple and reliable solution for hygienic results!

Cutlery magnets

Cutlery magnets are the perfect way to prevent cutlery accidentally ending up in the machine. Mounted on the loading chute, they do a great job of keeping unwanted items such as cutlery out of the homogenised biomass.


When you have a lot of food scraps of the same type, it's important to ensure it all gets properly shredded. That's where our patented pre-grinder unit comes in! It's the extra step you need in the shredding process to make food waste treatment even more reliable.

Accessories for storage tanks


Storage tanks are a whole lot harder to empty if you allow the light and heavy particles to separate. Our stirrers make sure that doesn't happen by keeping everything in motion. This method makes it up to 50 percent faster to empty the tank, with all the savings that entails.

Tank cleaning

A dedicated cleaning system makes it easy to wash the interior of the tank. Adjustable nozzles are used to automatically clean the inside of the tank and the fill level sensor while the tank is being emptied. This saves time and effort and reduces the risk of unpleasant odours.

Tank discharge

A well-designed tank should have a discharge point neatly integrated in its outer shell with all the necessary ports for extraction, VOC abatement and the incorporation of grease traps. We also offer options for electronic remote emptying and mobile data transmission for remote querying of the tank fill level.


An optional footboard-style platform can be installed to protect the area around the tank and pipes from damage. This also makes it easier to access the manhole and tank connections.


The use of an activated carbon filter is an excellent alternative to venting the tank through the roof. It can be installed on both the inside and outside of the tank to neutralise odours at their source.

Remote emptying

Where required, the tank can be emptied by a fully automated electronic system. The disposal company simply uses the the control panel at the discharge point to carry out the whole tank emptying process without having to enter the room where the tank is installed.

Suction booster pump

A booster pump can be used to increase suction capacity for special applications and to assist in situations where the discharge point is a long way from the tank (> 80 m). Together with a stirrer, this allows the homogenised biomass to be transported over long distances.

Protection rail

All our tanks are robust, durable and suitable for everyday working environments. For areas that get particularly cramped or crowded, we also offer the option of a protection rail to eliminate any safety concerns.