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Organic waste treatment system helps Hotel Scandic to become a carbon-neutral business


Interview with Daniel Deglow (F&B manager) and Martin Töpfer (head chef)

What are the key issues you're addressing at the Scandic right now?
D. Deglow: We try to give customers a memorable experience at the Scandic. That means we need our staff to focus all their energy on serving our guests. To do that, we need a brilliantly organised back office. Everything needs to be ready for action, and the dishwashing, kitchen and waste management systems need to work together seamlessly.

What led you to choose the BioMaster® + organic waste treatment system?
D. Deglow: Our hotel here in Frankfurt has its own "Green Committee", a group of employees working in various roles who focus on sustainability issues. One of the Scandic’s goals is to get as close as possible to being a carbon-neutral business by 2022. The kind of technology you get in MEIKO GREEN organic waste treatment systems is a huge help because we can see what we're throwing away. That encourages us to ask why we threw away a bowl of rice, for example, and why we made it in the first place! Those might seem like small steps, but they're very important to us, and the BioMaster® organic waste treatment system plays a crucial role.

What do you like most about the organic waste treatment system?
M. Töpfer: The perfect kitchen should be intuitive, straightforward and easy to use. It all about having reliable, user-friendly appliances that allow people to focus on what really matters. It couldn't be easier: you just lift the lid, tip in the waste, and press start! The MEIKO GREEN BioMaster® waste treatment system gives kitchens a whole new approach to managing organic waste. It's a straightforward, odour-free process that gives us the clean and tidy kitchen we want.


  • 60 employees
  • 288 rooms
  • Up to 600 customers a day
  • Seats 238
  • Serves approx. 100 lunches, approx. 250 breakfasts and between 50 and 80 dinners a day
  • Open 365 days a year
  • BioMaster 4 Plus food waste treatment system in operation since November 2018
  • Where the BioMaster has added the most value: Encouraging sustainability and cleanliness and minimising odours.

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